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Online Lottery Laws – Buying Lottery Tickets Online


Lotteries are the oldest forms of legal gambling in the United States. They began in the early 1700s and have since evolved into a number of popular games that citizens can play to win prizes. There are 45 states and territories that operate state-wide lotteries. Some jurisdictions, such as Puerto Rico, also offer online lottery services.

The laws surrounding the sale of tickets are different in each jurisdiction. In some states, the tickets must be purchased in person, while others allow the sale of tickets to anyone, whether or not they are physically present in the state. Regardless of the laws, the ability to buy tickets online is becoming more widespread.

Most of the websites that sell lottery tickets use geolocation to determine where the player is when they purchase a ticket. While the Wire Act prohibits electronic gambling transactions, the Department of Justice clarified its position in 2011 to ensure that the Wire Act would not apply to the sale of lottery tickets. This opened the door for more states to authorize the sale of lottery tickets online.

As of January 2019, there are seven jurisdictions that have authorized the sale of lottery tickets online. These jurisdictions include Illinois, New Hampshire, and Georgia. A few more states are currently working on legalizing online lotteries. But the legality of offshore lottery providers is unclear.

One trend in the lottery industry is the introduction of crypto lotteries. These are lottery games that utilize blockchain technology to provide security and transparency. Players can use a wallet containing a token to access the lottery’s website, and can vote on good causes. When a jackpot is won, the holder of the token receives 10% of the prize.

Another option for lottery enthusiasts is e-Instant. These casino-like games can be played on a tablet or a desktop. They can be played for as little as $0.01 or as much as $500,000. Each of the five jurisdictions offers an e-Instant game, so players are sure to find one that fits their lifestyle.

Online lottery subscriptions are almost as convenient as buying individual tickets. They enable a user to register, pay for their subscription, and check past results. Many lottery companies have begun incorporating artificial intelligence into their websites to make their sites more useful and user-friendly.

The first US state to authorize the sale of lottery tickets online was Illinois. This was followed by Georgia, which began selling lottery tickets electronically in 2012. Connecticut is another state that is now offering online lottery sales. Rhode Island and Massachusetts are currently in the process of legalizing the sale of online lottery tickets. Several other Northeastern states are seeking to expand their online lottery offerings.

The largest multi-state lottery in the United States is Powerball. Powerball has a starting jackpot of $20 million and is available in nearly every jurisdiction. It is the nation’s most popular lottery. Mega Millions is also offered in most jurisdictions. Several other lottery games are available, including Lotto America, Lotto America Cash4Life, and Lucky for Life.

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